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The definitive guide to
the making of Doctor Who

'Doctor Who – The Complete History' Book Collection takes you behind the scenes of the world’s longest running science fiction series. From William Hartnell’s debut as the First Doctor in 1963, right up to Peter Capaldi’s adventures as the Twelfth Doctor, you’ll discover how each story was brought to the TV screen. You can relive your favourite adventures and discover the ones you’ve yet to see.

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by episode story details

Exclusive collectible hardback books

The spine of each individual book is colour-coded by Doctor and has a unique volume number.

Doctor Who – The Complete History builds to form the complete chronological history of Doctor Who. Each book is given in a specially chosen order to reflect the variety and breadth of the series.

What's inside this incredible collection?

Discover a comprehensive and detailed guide to every single adventure of each of the Twelve Doctors

  • Introduction

    A specially written introduction for each story, highlighting the contributions that each one has made to the mythology of the series.

  • The Story

    A full, episode-by-episode synopsis of every story, including quotes from the characters and illustrated with images from the TV broadcast.

  • Production

    A detailed account of the production process, from scripts, through casting, rehearsals, location filming, studio recordings and editing and music.

  • Publicity

    How each story was promoted in the papers, on TV, in magazines such as Radio Times, and by personal appearances from the cast and production team.

  • Broadcast

    Details of when and where each story was originally shown, along with viewer ratings, plus the reaction from the newspaper critics.

  • Cast & Crew

    A complete listing of each story’s cast members and the characters they played, including those not credited on screen, along with the production personnel.

  • Profiles

    A biography of a key crew member, actor or author for each story.

  • Merchandise

    The extended life of each story and its characters, featuring in reference books, full-length novels, video games, DVDs, gadgets, action figures, and toys.

Build up the ultimate Doctor Who reference collection, featuring over 250 adventures with all 12 Doctors!

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